In touch – 3d / VFX W.P. SRL part 01

Our team started to work on creating 3d / VFX videos for our client from Italy – “WORKING PROCESS SRL”. I will try to notify you and dedicate in work on all stages of work.

Yesterday, it was necessary to provide klientustatus work. Status is composed of:

  • Providing 3d render species

ARU_Solutions_Blog_16_04_1 ARU_Solutions_Blog_16_04_2 ARU_Solutions_Blog_16_04_4 ARU_Solutions_Blog_16_04_3 ARU_Solutions_Blog_16_04_5 ARU_Solutions_Blog_16_04_7
To solve the above results, we’ve done the following work:

  • Created 3d studio for quality lighting in 3dsmax
  • Visualization and rendering in Vray
  • Sheydering in Vray
  • Texturing in PS

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