ARToolKit Professional for iOS

Release 2.0 of ARToolKit Professional for iOS is now available. The new release brings significant new features of the world’s most popular augmented reality toolkit to Apple iPhone, iPod touch 4G and iPad 2 devices.
Of particular interest in the new release is the inclusion of a full-featured renderer using OpenSceneGraph (OSG) 2.9. This brings the widely supported and hugely powerful OSG frameworks for the first time to mobile augmented reality. Other new features and improvements include:
  • New and updated example applications and classes conforming to Apple’s UIKit model, allowing addition of AR views to an existing application in minutes.
  • Full native support for iPad 2.
  • Adjustable camera image size, and switching to front camera (on supported devices), plus highly accurate pre-calibrated lens data for all models.
  • Automatic thresholding.
  • Improved marker handling, including variable marker border width and error-corrected barcode marker identification.
  • Adjustable filtering allowing tracking to vary continuously between snappy and smooth.
ARToolKit Professional v4.5.2 for iOS release 2.0 is available in low-cost flexible licensing models for both paid and free App deployment. The toolkit comes with full source for all examples, as well as most of the libraries, plus tools for creating new marker designs. For more information please contact us from here

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