ARU Solutions are looking for simple life situations to make from them, much more amazing projects for using your everyday.

Who we are

ARU Solutions is an IT Outsourcing team of hardware & software developers. We have 10 years experience in commercial projects in development to your business needs. Our team of young professionals is interested in new trends and apply software development best practices. We look for the creative people and continuously use opportunities to enhance and develop the knowledge and experience of our crew. Education, innovation, and ideas are appreciated in all possible ways.

What we do

    • Artificial intelligence, Machine learning
    • Object Recognition / Detection
    • Data classification / Analyst
    • Engineering / Raspberry, Movidius sticks, Nvidia Jetson
    • AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)
    • 3d design, 3D modeling, animation, rendering
    • 2d – FX Design

Why we do it

Why do we do it..? Every member of our team has enormous experience of working in IT sphere for more than 8th years. The combined efforts, the growth of information technologies and the constant processes of changing in our lives pushed us to the development of the IT sphere and our team. And of course, we are glad and pleased to satisfy all the demands of our clients.