We are an IT team who are making – Machine Learn engineering & Development.
Creating a new standards between Hardware and Software to make future happy.

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AI and Machine learning

ML, Detection, Recognition, Data classification

We develop amazing applications. Machine learning and Retraining

Create uniqe neural network models and classification a BIG DATA

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App Development

Win, OS X, Mobile, uniqe hardware (Jetson XT, Raspberry PI and other)

App Development on your device

Applications created by our team of amaze with its design and functionality

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AR, VR, Oculus

Augmented and Virtual reality

We develop Virtual applications for Oculus, iOS, Android, Web, Console and PC

Fun with the family – when all anyone can take part and influence the outcome and course of the game.

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Game development

Game development Unity, Unreal, Cocos

Game development from Cross-platform software

C# and JS coding, 3d modeling & shadering 3ds max / Maya

Theory is when one knows everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but nobody knows why. In our experimental of lab, theory and practice go hand in hand: nothing works and nobody knows why.


  • 3d modeling
  • 3d animation
  • Character animation
  • Rendering / Visualization
Game Development
  • Unity – Game Engine
  • Cocos2d-x
  • Low/Hi 3d modeling
  • 3d Animation/ sprite animation
  • Mobile GUI
  • GUI for microcomputers screen
  • GI for diode screens
WEB development
  • CRM
  • Administers Dashboard
  • Web services interface
  • Back-End Architecture
We are a member of the Nvidia Inception Program

ARU Solutions are a member of the Nvidia Inception Program


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